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Designed for the discerning gentleman, this curated selection including the Sculptor Cut, Shave, Facial and Tonic Massage.  Guaranteed a luxurious and personalized journey to enhance your style.

The Business Man


Ensuring you exude maximum professionalism and style with The Shave, Facial, tonic massage and a classic haircut. 

Shave Down


Opt for our Beard Trim and Shave for a comprehensive grooming experience, beginning with a clipper trim and ending with a soothing traditional shave.

Where grooming meets sophistication

From Classic Haircuts to Express Shaves, Tailor Your Style at Our Premier Barber Lounge

Our skilled barbers blend tradition with modern luxury, delivering personalized experiences that go beyond haircuts to embrace the artistry of cultivating your unique style.

Step into a sanctuary tailored for the modern man, and indulge in the epitome of grooming excellence at House of Ferruzza.

Timeless Haircuts

Tailor your style with a signature haircut and choose your favored add-on services for a grooming experience uniquely yours.

Classic Haircut

Receive a traditional Classic Haircut, combining shear and clipper work. This service concludes with a careful straight razor shave. $30

Trim Up

A quick service focused on resetting the taper or hairline at the back and sides, along with minimal length removal around the rest of the head. $15

Classic Layer Cut

Experience a timeless Classic Layer Cut, skillfully done with shears for a longer, distinguished look. Includes a neat straight razor shave for neck and hairline. $37

Novelty Cut

Choose the Novelty Cut for a style requiring extra razor work or unique hair shaping, like straight razor head shaves, mohawks, or personalized shapes and numbers. $32+

Kids Cut

Enhance your child's style with our Basic or Classic Kids Cut for a neat look or the Classic for timeless charm. Our barbers create a fun, comfortable experience, ensuring your child leaves with a great cut. $15-$20

Roffler Sculpture Razor Cut

Discover the Roffler Sculpture Razor Cut, a straight razor layering technique that offers a distinctive, rarely seen look, mastered by our professionals. $40

Hybrid Razor Cut

Try the Hybrid Razor Cut, a combination of clipper and shear cutting with a razor finish on top. It’s a versatile style that’s different from the traditional Roffler. $32

Classic Layer Cut

Explore the Classic Layer Cut, a longer, layered style for men, carefully crafted with shears. This service includes a straight razor shave for the neck and hairline.

Razor Cutting

Experience Razor Cutting, a meticulous service using a straight razor for a sharp, defined look. Trust our skilled barbers to craft a style that suits you.

Specialized Cuts

Choose our Specialized Cuts for a custom look designed just for you. Share your vision and watch as our skilled barbers bring it to life, ensuring you look and feel great.

Favorite Added services

Transform your grooming routine with “The Business Man” service – a curated blend of The Shave, Facial, Tonic Massage, and Haircut. Elevate your style and experience the epitome of sophistication.

Grooming Beyond the Hairline

All blade services will include a hot towel for an enhanced grooming experience.

Beard Trim

From a simple lineup with clippers to crafting and shaping larger beards, a straightforward and easy addition to complete your appearance with precision and style. $5-$10

Express Shave

Busy? The Express Shave is a quick, efficient straight razor shave designed for busy professionals, with a price drop when added to another service. $25

Straight Razor Shave

Opt for the Straight Razor Shave, a traditional service offering a close shave with a straight razor, completed with hot towels and a soothing menthol crème massage. $27-$30

Facial Massage

Relax with our Facial Massage, a soothing service with hot towels and various crème massages designed to treat the skin progressively, based on classic techniques. $24

Head Shave

Achieve a sleek and refreshing look with our expert head shave, where all hair is skillfully removed from the scalp and meticulously straight razor-shaved amidst a series of invigorating hot towels. $32

Shampoo and Conditioner Rinse

Enjoy a moment of simplicity and refreshment with our Shampoo and Rinse service $10

Tonic Massage

Experience pure relaxation with our Tonic Massage, where a rejuvenating scalp tonic is expertly applied and massaged by hand. $8

Shoe Shine

Utilize our convenient Shoe Shine service, available anytime through drop off. Expedited service options are available on Saturdays for your convenience.


Gentleman's Accord: Client Testimonials

Great Experience.  Truly a great place and unbelievable environment.  Expert cut and 110% satisfied.

Not just a great haircut, Corey is also happy to consult about what you want and offer advice for styling and grooming your hair

Fantastic place to get a trim! Great service and good conversation.  Three outstanding barber’s.  Also a fantastic selection of cigars.  Reminds me of the shop I went to when I was a kid! 

Experienced Professionals

Meet Our Experts

Step into excellence with our skilled team at House of Ferruzza. Our master barbers bring a rich legacy, offering a range of services and products that blend tradition with modern trends. Whether it’s a refined haircut or a relaxing moment in our cigar lounge, our craftsmen ensure an unparalleled experience.

Expert-Selected Hair Essentials

Explore our handpicked selection of trusted hair care essentials designed for all hair types and styles. Maintain your fresh, salon-quality look with ease. Need advice? Our experts are here to help! Elevate your haircare game with us!